The Country Beyond the Forests

midsummer's crown, wildish crown, faerie, woodland, floral, flowers, wildish crown


cheerful sprite, floral crown, woodland, flowers, faerie, wildish crown




The Watcher


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Faerie Dust!

Wildling Jewelery

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The Wild Frontier

Darkling (First Edition)


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Cheerful Sprite!

Ophelia (Afterworld Book One)

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Wildish Crowns



Sword Fern Crown

Faerie Crown, wildish crown, woodland, floral, flowers

Midsummer's Crown

elven queen, crown, sword fern crown, flowers, floral, woodland, elf, wildish crown

Novelist & Screenwriter

Faerie Crown

Elven Queen

sword fern crown, sword fern, woodland, faerie, wildish crown